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Moving to Octopress

My blog has been running on Angerwhale, a Catalyst-based Perl blog framework. Although it worked fine for me from a usability point of view (plain text files plus some meta-data), it was way to slow to deal with a few concurrent hits. I never noticed until @chaosupdates linked to my blog post about @cryptofax2tweet and the server more or less exploded in (virtual) flames.

I made an attempt to change from the standalone server (well, no surprise that it did not deal well with load there but that was fine for a long time for my little blog here) to a real modperl-based installation, but that did not help much.

As I am more confident with Ruby then Perl nowadays I started looking for something to change to. A static solution would of course be nice to have because of the speed factor, so after some searching and #followerpower, I stumbled over Octopress, which uses the Jekyll framework.

I converted all my Angerwhale posts to Octopress using a small Ruby script (ping me if you are interested). The comments from the old site are still missing, but I am considering converting them with Jekyll::StaticComments plugin.

The plan for now is to try to blog a bit more than before, maybe it should be on my list of new year's resolutions (or maybe not as not to jinx it ;-).